2020 Seattle Int'l Screenwriting Honors


This festival is really worth submitting to. From the first moment, I realized just how dedicated the organizers are to you the writer and promoting your individual goals. Almost immediately after I was notified I was a finalist, I got a call from the competition. I was paired with a heavy-hitting manager, supplied amazing - and I mean, ah-may-zing! - notes, feedback, and tips on my script, AND a follow-up call to make sure I liked the reader and the notes! Incredible! There's a passion that this festival has for making sure their screenwriters are happy, that is rare to find. I was thrilled, shocked, and very impressed. All communication was professional, prompt, and informative. I highly recommend you check it out and submit.

This is one of those organizations that goes above and beyond your expectations. SISH really delivers on making sure you get pushed forward in your career. It's not just a pat on the back, like so many other competitions. Top finishers get phone calls, numerous emails delivering news of laurels, industry contacts, professional critiques, and good things to come. FIVE STAR in my book. Definitely a cut above the rest. - Todd Sorrel 

Surgeon Hong, was a finalist in the latest festival. In rapid succession, on the announcement date I received a phone notification from the festival telling me of the award, then a brief but pertinent set of notes and suggestions on the script, and then a linkage to a named producer. That's what I call delivering the goods. In ten years, I have not seen such value for money in any other festival or screenwriting competition. While the festival may not be the largest, its outreach is authentic and I had the distinct feeling overall that script writers and non-mainstream scripts matter. - Paul Gross

I am so honored and thankful. 

2020's Grand Prize winner was introduced to a top executive at Storyline, a development executive from a Guy Walks into a Bar Productions, and received an hour worth of script notes from the lead development executive at Lawrence Bender Productions. Our finalists received consultations with talent managers at Fictional Entity and Kersey Management.

2020 Grand Prize Winner

Singular by Brandon Morrissey


Parousia by Todd Sorrell

Surgeon Hong by Paul Gross

Semi Finalists

Six Bullets at Sundown by Paul Grammatico

Note in the Oak by Carmel Amit and Shah Bel Halevi

Summer’s End by Marcia Dinneen

Swim by Chantal Eyong

Puesta Del Sol by Ed Johnson

The Lost Mine by Zoe Gieringer

The Caretake by Gerald Teaster


2019 Seattle Int'l Screenwriting Honors

My screenplay, "Rogue's Coward" was the 2019 Grand Prize Winner. And for that, thank you so very much. I will forever revere your name. I received a call from Janet Jeffries, Head of Development of Lawrence Bender Productions. She is a gifted, well-spoken professional. And it was an interesting conversation concerning what she and her colleagues gleaned from my story. She had an absolute extraordinary idea that I've already folded into the play. Thank you again.

The organizers selected my screenplay, "1933". The selection was made well ahead of the deadline. This is the seventh award that I have won for this work and it seems like this was the most seamless. Well done!

This was really fun, I'm so happy my script was selected, seems like a really sweet community!

2019's finalists and grand prize winners received personal introductions and story notes from top development executives at companies like Lawrence Bender Productions, Fictional Entity, and Insignia Entertainment, in addition to recognition.

2019 Grand Prize Winner

Rogue’s Coward by Robert J. Rogers


Dr. Franka by Scott Nabat

Sol by James Fox

Semi Finalists

1933 by Marc Anderson

Scuppernongs by Lynne Ashe

Unsightly by John Bourke

Ghost by Ashley Callahan

The Masses (Pilot) by Toni Nagy

Timber by Marian Mathews Clark and Patricia Stevens

Little Things Mean a Lot by Michael Monteith